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Re: Bug#495792: cdrom: Disk partioner hangs at 52% when manual disk partion option selected

reassign 495792 installation-reports
severity 495792 important

Reassigning to debian-installer team.

On Wednesday 20 August 2008, Stuart Scharf wrote:
> I was trying to install a new lenny system over an existing old-stable
> system
> The computer has two disk drives used for a Raid1 configuration
> MD0 is a small boot partition
> MD1 is a LVM with four partitions (/ /home /var /chroot)
> I tried both lenny beta-2 disk and the weekly snapshot. (The beta-2
> wouldn't boot on my machine so I went to the snapshot disk)
> When I selected the manual partition option, the partitioner would hang
> at 52% and not present the partition map of the system. Pressing 'F4'
> showed a detail screen that had both the raid and LVM partitions
> recognized.
> The Stable install disk worked fine.

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