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Bug#495357: debian-installer: installation method selection does not work

Package: debian-installer
Version: version on 20080815 CD
Severity: important


while test-installing a Lenny machine, I encountered this problem while
booting from CD:

First, a short one-line message is shown at the top of the screen,
saying something about SYSLINUX and ending with "Peter Anvin". So far,
so good. In the Etch installer, next followed a screen with a Debian
Logo background, where one could type the desired installation method
at. In this case, with the "Lenny Beta2" CD, only a strong flicker
occurred, covering the whole screen with lines and "snow", which makes
it completely impossible to read a single letter.

After typing 'Enter' to accept the default course of action (whatever
that might be), the screen returned to normal.

The hardware involved is a SuperMicro PDSMU board with its on-board
graphics, and an Intel Core2Duo CPU.

Kind regards,

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