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Re: [PATCH] Queue atl2-modules for installation if it is in use.

On Monday 11 August 2008, Glenn Saberton wrote:
>     Thanks for working on this! Due to lack of time on my part, I have
> only just now been able to get around to testing it. :( The module
> detection works fine and queues modules for installation, but it
> queues the 486 modules, which also pulls in the 486 kernel into the
> target install. Not sure how to fix this (defaulting to 686 would be
> wrong), as we don't really know which kernel the user wants if they do
> an expert install. Anyone else have clues as to where we could call
> this check?

I had just reverted the committed patch because of this issue (before 
reading this mail). As you do not yet know which kernel will be installed 
for the target system, you can *never* queue anything that requires 
knowing the ABI or flavor of the target system's kernel before 

Back to the drawing board.

Also, if packages are queued by D-I you should make sure they are included 
on installation CDs.


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