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Bug#494001: debian-installer: /etc/mtab must be a symlink to /proc/mounts with linux >= 2.6.26

On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 02:19:33PM +0200, Radim X. wrote:

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> Are you sure that this won't break things elsewhere?

Yes; the whole point of this change is to stop breaking things that are
currently broken, including a whole plethora of bugs in mount(1).

> Other packages
> might use /etc/mtab with inotify to watch mount events (especially for
> removable media). They would have to switch to a different method,
> since /proc does not support inotify and udev doesn't help either.

Do you have any examples of packages which use /etc/mtab in this way?

I checked KDE 3.5.5 and it seems to be working fine.  Note that inotify
is very new, is Linux-specific, and all of the common desktop
environments are portable to many different platforms and hence will
detect changes using mechanisms other than inotify.  IMO this is not
a stopper for moving to a symlink.


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