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Bug#494293: ...and finally.

I've started the install-CD in rescue mode, opened a shell in a chroot,
and did an "apt-get purge" to get rid of grub-pc in preparation of
replacing it with the old grub package. Bit then, unlike the previous
time, I checked and saw that /boot/grub was still full of files left
there, including grub.cfg. So, I deleted the whole lot, before doing
"apt-get install grub", "/usr/sbin/update-grub" and
"/usr/sbin/grub-install". Now the reboot brought up the newly-installed
Debian testing.

Some final thoughts:

1. The "apt-get purge grub-pc" command should not leave a whole
directory full of config files that are subsequently used by

2. Perhaps old and new grub should not share the same grub-install.

3. The Debian Installer should give users a choice when it wants to
install a piece of crucial software that is still considered by many to
be in beta (in this case new Grub vs. old Grub).

Thank you for your consideration.

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