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Bug#493865: cttyhack does not handle other serial devices than ttySn (was: Bug booting from console)

On Wednesday 06 August 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> Bad news is that we probably have to modify
> /lib/debian-installer/init-udev-devices to create a file for every
> misc. serial line device.

I think someone should look into the option of starting udevd _before_ we 
run init (as also suggested by Marco in a recent discussion on IRC).

A good time to do this would be after the first boot debug shell, but 
before the second one.

> If that sounds like a good plan to solve this issue, feel free to block
> #484366 by #493865.

I don't have the motivation ATM to test your patch or work on this. Please 
do add the block as the issues are clearly related.

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