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Re: Please allow an upload of vte to unstable (was: Possible updates to ncurses, vte and ttf-dejavu packages for d-i)

* Jérémy Bobbio [Tue, 05 Aug 2008 14:51:07 +0200]:

> On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 11:52:43PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> > > I am working on solving a quite old issue (#339855) in the graphical
> > > version of the debian-installer: it does not currently provide an easy
> > > way to get a shell.

> > > A solution for this issue has been proposed to the debian-installer
> > > team [1], which would require changes in the ncurses, vte and ttf-dejavu
> > > packages in order to create new udebs with the needed libraries and
> > > fonts.

> > > The d-i team has not settled yet on including the changes for Lenny, but
> > > as the freeze is coming fast, it makes sense to know if the release team
> > > would accept these updates before discussing it further.

> > > So, would you do that? :)

> > Yes, we would do that. Lets start testing it :-)

> I am coming back on this topic.

> In the meantime, the d-i team has agreed that we should get this feature
> into Lenny, and we have managed to remove the extra dependency on
> ncurses.  Also, a version of ttf-dejavu building ttf-dejavu-mono-udeb
> has been uploaded to unstable.

> Loïc Minier uploaded vte/0.16.14-2 in experimental which builds
> libvte9-udeb and contains other minor changes needed for the integration
> with the debian-installer.  My tests with this version has been
> successful.

> Could you please review the changes in vte and acknowledge an upload to
> unstable?

Ok. Aside from autostuff, patch is not that big, so let's get this into
unstable, and see if somebody spots any regressions.

Is the development of this feature on the d-i side isolated in a way
that, should something go horribly wrong with vte, it could be just


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