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Bug#472846: closed by Thijs Kinkhorst <thijs@debian.org> (Re: Bug#472846: busybox: Regression in pidof: no longer lists 'debian-installer' processes)

On Tuesday 5 August 2008 19:40, you wrote:
> Please test whether bugs have been fixed in the environment where they
> have been reported, in this case Debian Installer. Or at least be very
> sure you have exactly reproduced the use case.
> With BusyBox 1.10.2 'pidof debian-installer' still outputs nothing
> while 'ps | grep debian-installer' gives:
>   837 root       1320 S     /bin/sh /sbin/debian-installer

Hmm, ok, I indeed just tested this locally so there's apparently some subtle 
difference in the environment. I would have to check that out. Sorry for the 
premature conclusion.


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