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Allow localechooser to propagate to testing

localechooser 2.04 fixes a few things for D-I but that should normally
be included as part of a normal D-I release.

*However*, it also drops the need for iso-codes-udeb and will
therefore make the need for that udeb useless, which would in turn
simplify the work of iso-codes maintainers (see recent unblock request
by Tobias).

When I discussed that with him in mid-July, Frans Pop agreed that the
best way to fix this was uploading localechooser 2.04 and have it
enter testing so that an iso-codes package without the udeb can be
uploaded to unstable and then enter testing.

So, technically speaking, that was prepared before the
freeze..:-)...However, for this to happen, we needed to:

- have iso-codes enter testing (it contains several important changes
in lists and translations and iso-codes maintainers wanted to secure
them out)
- have localechooser enter testing
- build a new iso-codes without the udeb
- have it enter testing

So, now I think we should request for 2). If the D-I RM agrees, could
localechooser be hinted for testing, please?


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