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Bug#493139: iso-scan: Allow using shell patterns to select ISO images

* Recai Oktaş [2008-07-31 23:16:43+0300]
> * Joey Hess [2008-07-31 14:05:22-0400]
> > Recai Oktaş wrote:
> > > The following patch allows one to select ISO images in iso-scan.  With this
> > > patch grub configurations as exampled below can be used to perform an i386
> > > or amd64 hd-media installation:
> > 
> > iso-scan already checks what architecture the iso is for. Why do you
> > need a second, filename-based architecture check?
> Did you mean the ISO selection logic in register_cd (which I'm not aware
> of)?  If so, forget my patch[1].  My previous attempts to use multiple ISOs
> had been failed, probably for unrelated reasons.  I'll make a new test and
> let you know.

Ok, I've managed to make i386 and am64 installations from an external hdd
containing multiple ISOs (great!).  My previous failed attempts must be
related to incorrect ISOs.

Feel free to close this bug report.  Sorry for the fuss!


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