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Re: unblocking partman-multipath

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> writes:

> Mini transition of what? libparted1.8-9 -> libparted1.8-10? Since the
> 1.8 transition itself hasn't happened yet (any news about that,
> Otavio?), I guess we could squeeze it in, but... please assess: is the
> patch safe at this stage for the installer?

Yes. libparted1.8-9 -> libparted1.8-10.

Parted is ready on sid. I've uploaded it and the bug reporter
confirmed it works. (#488374)

I'd say to migrate it all and do this mini transition on sid. Most of
packages are from d-i team and few from outside but binNMU should
handle them.

The patch itself is very specific and I'd do tests to avoid it
breaking any stuff. Anyway I'd like to do that ASAP to get testing
from dailies and be sure of that. This depends on RT decision about
the ABI bump. 

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