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d-i preseed/late_command and interactive scripts.

I have a dialog driven configuration script I want to use to configure several 
aspects of the install.  The preseed works for the majority of the install, 
all the apps get installed,  then it doesn't seem to want to run the dialog 

I'm not sure if there is an issue with scripts that require user input ( I 
kind of recall reading somewhere this was an issue ).

Here is the line from  my preseed file.

d-i preseed/late_command string cp -R /cdrom/ads/sitechooser /target/var/opt/; 
in-target /bin/sh /var/opt/sitechooser/sitechooser > /root/log 2> /root/error

I can see that the directory tree sitechooser is getting copied into the 
target at /var/opt/sitechooser,  but it seems like the script never gets run.  
And there doesn't seem to be any script output to /root/log or /root/error . 
I've added dialog to the preseed so the package is installed in the target,  
and if I drop to a terminal window before the final reboot,  I can 
chroot /target;/var/opt/sitechooser/sitechooser and the script will fun fine.



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