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Re: [RFC] Add support for shells in the graphical installer

On Thursday 10 July 2008, Jérémy wrote:
> > Questions:
> > - What is size increase of initrd with this included?

Thanks for the numbers.
Those are pretty hefty runtime demands (total of 2.5 MB for first shell). 
However, I guess it's still not completely absurd for what G-I already 
uses and can expect to have available.

Updated numbers some time with Davide's improvements would be nice.

> I have reused the one from the original package.  I am going to shorten
> it nevertheless.

It's mainly because nobody reads it anyway (at least, not for the udeb) 
and it only wastes space in the status file.

> > - I see nothing in the patch that ensures we'll get correct
> > dependencies on this udeb.
> I thought that it would be enough to have in debian/control:
>   Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}

For library udebs we need to ensure that _other_ udebs that get built 
against them on them get their deps on the lib correct. So the shlibs 
file must have udeb: lines. You do have the necessary magic in the 
ncurses patch (though you should still check the generated shlibs file 
and the deps of udebs built against it).

> > >  * libncurses5-udeb needed by libvte.
> >
> > For this one we need to be careful that others don't start using it
> > for other purposes which may get it included in "normal" initrds.
> > It's not huge, but still.
> This could be prevented by statically linking libncurses5 to libvte9 in
> the udeb.  Would that be a desirable option?

I think it's probably a bit too big and "common" for that. Do you have any 
idea how much of the lib actually gets used? If it is really minimal that 
could be a reason to do it anyway.


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