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Re: RFS: di-netboot-assistant (ITP #489812)

Franklin PIAT wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "di-netboot-assistant".
> (I am CCing debian-boot in case someone has some interest in it)

This looks like some nice work. I wonder if it would make sense for it
to be maintained inside the d-i project?

It's tightly related to d-i, after all. Also, if you'll look at the
current debian-installer.deb package, it's a dummy package, required so that
DAK has something it knows about. Since the real meat of the installer images
is provided in a BYHAND file.

	Package: debian-installer
	Architecture: any
	Description: Debian installer
	 This package currently only contains some documentation for the Debian
	 installer. We welcome suggestions about what else to put in it.

Maybe the right thing to put in this dummy package, or replace this
dummy package with, is di-netboot-assistant?

Some review:

- Minor typos in the README, mostly involving number (ie, missing
   "s" on plural words).
- It shouldn't need syslinux to be installed on the tftp server.
  - pxelinux.0 is already included in the netboot tarball
  - menu.c32 is not, but vesamenu.c32 is (in testing), and can also do
    menus and submenus
- The docs say that to use the top-level menu it should use
            filename "debian-installer/etch/i386/pxelinux.0";
  Why is that in etch/ ? Wouldn't it be clearer to put the file in
- No checking is done of the validity of downloaded files. It should check
  the images/MD5SUMS file. (Unfortunatly there's no signed trust path for it
  to check.)
- Seems to use the french keymap by default?
- Suggest s/NetBoot Meta-menu/netboot overview menu/
- The di-sources.list seems redundant. I think that the regular sources.list
  could be parsed to get the mirror urls, and those modified to get the 
  d-i image locations. The file would still be useful for the dailies,
  or other distributions, but it would be nice to not have to modify it to
  use a !french mirror.

see shy jo

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