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Bug#489588: Install report Medion akoye E1210 (MD96910)

On Monday 07 July 2008, Michael Kesper wrote:
> Will have to try. How can I do this during install?
> With 2.6.24 I have no network and after installation I do not get any
> drives.

Change to a debug shell (on VT2 or VT3) some time after base system 
installation is complete but no other steps are actually running and do:
- chroot /target
- wget http://<debian mirror>/debian/pool/main/l/linux-2.6/<package>
- dpkg -i <package>

> The problem is that there are NO drives (sdx) under dev

That is very strange as the driver needed by your disk controller is a 
standard ahci driver. Please check in the initramfs debug shell:
- if that driver is loaded
- if some other (IDE?) disk driver is loaded
- any messages in 'dmesg' regarding recognition of hard disks

Are there any /dev/hda devices (other than maybe for an IDE CD drive)?

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