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Re: Can we upload a new version of ttf-indic-fonts?

On Friday 27 June 2008, Praveen A wrote:
> We have fixed some rendering bugs in AnjaliOldLipi and MalOtf (now
> called Kalyani), part of ttf-malayalam-fonts package. We have also
> added a fontconfig rule to make the size of Meera_04.ttf comparable to
> Latin glyphs (it is a very common complaint that font size is smaller
> for Meera). There is no change to the udeb. Since we are close to
> release and this package creates a udeb we wanted to check with d-i
> team before uploading it. Proposed changes are committed to the
> debian-in alioth repository. We would really love to see this in
> lenny.

If the font size changes (which IMO is a good thing), we will probably 
need to adjust the "font size correction" currently done in D-I by the 
gtk-set-font script in the rootskel-gtk package.
Or does the "There is no change to the udeb" mean that the size for the 
font included in the udeb was not changed?

Note that we _do_ currently increase the font size by 2 points in the 
installer: the default font size in the installer is 9, but for Indic 
languages we use 11. Having a better "standard size 9" for the font in 
the udeb would IMO be preferable in the long run.

I also see that we currently don't actually set a font for Indic languages 
(like we do for some others), but that's probably OK.


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