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Bug#488111: support for installing GRUB without blocklists on GPT

On Thursday 26 June 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> > I get the feeling that this patch is incomplete. Are some new files
> > missing?
> >
> > Some other files show changes while I don't think they currently
> > exist, but that's OK. They look to have been copied from existing,
> > similar files dealing with the bootable flag for DOS partitions.
> Yeah.  Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

OK. But my question really was about any _other_ new files missing. But 
looking at the patch again, I guess my feeling may just have been wrong.

The key to this working is VALID_FLAGS returning bios_grub.

I don't see any obvious major problems with the patch.

A few naming suggestions that IMO make the scripts better readable:
- s/toggle_bios/toggle_biosgrub/ (affects script directory name too)
- s/biosable/biosgrub/
- s/unbiosable/nobiosgrub/
- s/valid_bios/valid_biosgrub/

Should the description "BIOS boot area:" not also mention grub in some 
way? Something like "Reserve BIOS boot area for GRUB:" (although that may 
already be a bit long for this dialog)?

From your initial mail it looks like:
- this will only work with grub-pc
- no additional changes are needed in grub-pc
- as grub-installer already automatically selects grub-pc for gpt, I guess
  no additional changes are needed in grub-installer

Is all that correct?


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