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Re: request for exception for popt

On Monday 23 June 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> sean finney wrote:
> > popt is currently blocking the transition of a number of packages,
> > which includes compiz/compiz-fusion related packages which are
> > currently in a horrible state in testing and in all other respects
> > ready for a transition from sid to testing afaict.
> The reason it is frozen is because it has a udeb, and I just see that
> the last upload has a change in the udeb that significantly affects its
> size (factor 6-10), but has not been discussed with the D-I team.
> As such I don't think the package should be unblocked yet.
> Paul: can you explain how locale data would be important in the context
> of the installer? To be honest, I doubt it is...
> libpopt seems to be used by libcrypt, so either Max Vozeler or David
> Härdeman may have an opinion on this from the D-I side.

I got the following (private) reply from Paul (quoting here as it seems 
harmless to do so):

> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 10:07:17PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Paul: can you explain how locale data would be important in the
> > context of the installer? To be honest, I doubt it is...
> It was requested in a bug (#485926). If it's not needed by the
> installer, I'll happily take it out and amend the udeb's package
> description.

And I also got the following reply from Max Vozeler:
[02:00:06] <mvz> fjp: regarding popt, no reason apparent to me why we'd 
need (or want) translations for cryptsetup

So Paul: Assuming the last change is indeed about translations (which I've 
not verified), please revert it and update the udeb description 

However, if this package is really blocking an important transition, I 
(with Otavio being away) also have no objection to letting the current 
version migrate before the new upload, on the understanding that the new 
upload with the revert will also be accepted into Lenny.

I'll leave it to the release team to coordinate that with Paul.


P.S. for Paul:
Feel free to contact the debian-boot list if in the future you're 
uncertain about any changes that affect the udeb. Given the constraints 
the installer operates in we do sometimes have different priorities than 
are valid for regular packages, size being a fairly major one.

P.P.S. for Paul and Max: thanks for the quick responses.

P.P.P.S: there is no P.P.P.S.

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