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Bug#486926: Installed system does not have correct permissions on directories

Joey Hess wrote:

> > something seems to block the filename output from tar, causing the
> > progress bar to sit at 2% until very near the end - it then shoots up
> > quite quickly.  
> Right, I guess I'd need to use a read loop to get the lines one at a
> time rather than having it buffer. Updated patch attached.

That fixes that problem, but now the read command started by "db_progress
STEP 1" is reading a filename instead of the the STEP value, resulting in
"Invalid value: ./bin/", and the installation failing.

I tried a few fd/fifo redirection tricks, but couldn't get the right
combination..any ideas?

I also benchmarked this tar method and it seems to be about three or four
times faster than my C version, putting it approximately 10 (!) times faster
than the current shell version. (I agree with Daniel's remark regarding not
depending on 'tar' though -- perhaps live-installer itself could embed or
depend on a functioning tar binary?)


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