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Bug#486558: installation-reports: strange (null) in URL for tasksel for automatic install

reassign 486558 choose-mirror 2.24
severity 486558 important
tags 486558 confirmed

Thanks for the report.

On Monday 16 June 2008, Anders Andersson wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> I tried the automatic install, and everything was fine until I got the
> following error: "Bad archive mirror".
> Switching to console 4 with Alt-F4 I can see the following command
> trying to execute:
> Jun 16 19:41:09 choose-mirror[29486]: DEBUG: command: wget -q
> http://ftp.debian.org(null)/dists/lenny/Release -O - | grep ^Suite: |
> cut -d' ' -f 2
> If I test this in a new busybox console with a correct URL, without the
> '(null)' part, I can connect to the server and retreive a correct
> listing.

I remember seeing a report about this before. I think I've now figured out 
what is going wrong.

There are two things interacting here.

Because we're running at critical priority, the country mirror list is 
never actually displayed and thus mirror/http/mirror never gets a value; 
it does have a default value: ftp.debian.org
This is in fact a very bad default as ftp.d.o only carries i386/amd64.

I wonder if we should set the first value of the country list as the 
selected value here. In most cases this will be a better "default" than 
the default at http/mirror, even if that's changed from ftp.d.o. 

We then get to validate_mirror(), which gets the "selected" mirror 
(ftp.d.o) and next calls 'mirror_root(mirror)'. The return value of that 
is set as directory. This must be the function that returns the "(null)" 
value and causes the incorrect wget later.

The cause for the null value seems to be that the entry for ftp.d.o in the 
mirror master list looks like this:
Site: ftp.debian.org
Alias: saens.debian.org
Alias: debian-mirror.cs.umn.edu
Type: Push-Primary
Archive-architecture: amd64 i386
X-Archive-http: /debian/
X-Archive-ftp: /debian/

The last two lines should not have the "X-" prefix! Essentially ftp.d.o 
does not have a "mirror_root" defined in the master list.

I'd appreciate some input how to deal with this and also if the needed 
changes could be made by someone with more C skills than I have.


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