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Re: retrieve a package's questions for debconf-set-selections

On Monday 09 June 2008, Alexandre Conrad wrote:
> I'd like to use debconf-set-selections to pre-seed the debconf database
> with answers. But how can I retrieve/extract/query the questions that
> the .deb file will ask me? For example, that could be used for the java
> .deb to accept terms and conditions for an automatic installation.

If you want to preseed answers during an installation you should not use 
debconf-set-selections directly, but rather make use of the 
preconfiguration functionality of the installer.

How to get correct values to set is explained in the installation guide:

Note that you should set only those specific templates/questions you wish 
to avoid and not just any template that exists after an installation.

Also make sure that you check any legal consequences of "skipping" 
licencing questions.


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