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Re: Tibetan Machine Uni font sources for the new version (v1.901)

On Monday 09 June 2008, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Tom Söderlund wrote:
> > A still unofficial Debian package based on the 1.901b version of the
> > font is now available at [0].
> >
> > [0] http://gamma.nic.fi/~t_om/debian/ttf-tmuni/
> >
> > It is there mainly for kind Jaldhar H. Vyas to officially upload it
> > to the Debian unstable repository.
> The problem is the package contains a udeb and such packages have been
> frozen in preperation for the lenny release.  You need the permission
> of the debian-installer team before the package can be uploaded.

That's not quite correct. They are frozen for automatic migration to 
testing, not for upload to unstable. Please just go ahead with the 

However, if there are any major changes in the font that could affect the 
udeb or cause a significant change in its size, it would be nice to hear 
about those.


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