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Re: [RFC] Some love for partman-md v2

On Monday 02 June 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> Most of your remarks have been addressed in the revised patch.  I am
> not making a detailed reply as I won't really be able to spend more
> time on this right now.  Feel free to pick the work where it is if you
> feel that I have missed something important.

You're still modprobing the raid* modules in init.d/md-devices. IMO it's 
not correct to unnecessarily start using memory for these for installs 
that may not use RAID at all.

+++ b/packages/partman/partman-md/init.d/md-devices
+log-output -t md-init --pass-stdout \
+	mdadm --examine --scan --config=partitions >/tmp/mdadm.conf
+log-output -t md-init \
+	mdadm --assemble --scan --run --config=/tmp/mdadm.conf --auto=yes

Should be 'log-output -t partman-md'.


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