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Re: DPL teams review 2008

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Steve McIntyre <leader@debian.org> writes:

Steve, I'm very sorry by being late and I do hope you understand that
since I've been giving priority to Debian Installer and had life
issues last days. I ended losing the deadline.

> 1. You
> ------
> a. What's your name, and where are you from? How long have you been
>    involved in Debian?

Otavio Salvador. I live in Brazil and I've been involved in Debian
since 2001.

> b. What do you do outside of Debian - are you a student with lots of
>    free time, or are you employed full-time with a family and lots of
>    other commitments?

I own a company that works with Debian customizations and embedded
Operating Systems development. I don't have a lot of free time but I
try my best to help to improve Debian.

> c. How much time *can* you comfortably spend on Debian work in a
>    typical week? And how much time *do* you spend on Debian work?
>    (Yes, I know these can be very different!)

I ought to spend 4h by week but I've been spending 12 or 15h by week
on Debian mostly due Debian Installer involvement.

> d. What packages do you maintain? How well do you cope? Are you part
>    of a team for those packages, or do you work on them on your own?
>    How much time do you need to spend, on average? Are they in good
>    shape?

I work with Debian Installer Team and currently am I its Release
Manager. I'm also the the main Parted maintainer and its Release
Manager (of master branch) and that also uses a lot of my time.

I'm also one of active APT maintainers but usually couldn't work too
much on it and GRUB that has been maintained by Robert Millan.

I try to spend time on them depending of how urgent the issues are. I
usually give priority to d-i to avoid delaying Lenny release.

> e. How would you rank all of your tasks in order of importance?

Debian Installer

> f. Finally, are you having fun working on Debian? Why/why not?

Sure I do. I love to help and cooperate with others.

> 2. Teams you're in
> ------------------
> (please answer this section multiple times where appropriate, once per
>  team, but *excluding* teams for maintenance of individual packages)
> a. What teams do you work on? Are you an "official" member of those
>    teams?

Debian Installer - official and RM
Deity - official and active

> b. How well do you think those teams are performing, in terms of
>    getting things done? How are daily/regular tasks dealt with? And
>    how about less common, one-off things?

Debian Installer is doing mostly fine. We are getting more help and
contributors and usually releases are being really solid and well

Deity needs more contributors. It lacks manpower and people involved
on it is busy and commited with a lot of other things.

> c. How do members of your teams communicate with each other about what
>    they're working on? And how do they (as individuals or as a team)
>    communicate with people outside of the team? Do you feel they
>    coordinate well?

Debian Installer using IRC and ML.

Deity needs to be improved. We aren't enough to reply the messages in
ml and most of us talk in IM to decide things.

> d. Are there enough resources for your teams to do their jobs well? If
>    not, what's missing?

I guess mostly yes. For Debian Installer, I think someone would need
to lead the PowerPC port but a set of machines would be need.

I'm not saying it to get those machines also because it would probably
be too expensive to bring those to Brazil but someone at Europe or
like would be better.

> e. Anything else you'd like to mention?


> 3. Other teams
> --------------
> a. What contact, if any, do you (as an individual) have with other
>    teams? How well does that contact work?

A lot with kernel, release and CD team mostly due nature of projects
I'm involved. All works pretty fine.

> b. How well do your team(s) interact with other teams?


> c. If you have any issues in (a) or (b), how would you suggest to fix
>    them?
> d. Any other observations about the various teams in Debian?
> =======================================================================
> Other stuff
> ===========
> That's the list of things I'm hoping to learn more about from this
> review of teams. Of course, I'm sure there are many other things in
> Debian that you'd like to ask or tell me about. By all means, talk to
> me about them - I see it as part of my job to listen and do what I can
> to help. But please keep those separate from this survey - it'll help
> me to avoid my head exploding in all directions... :-)
> -- 
> Steve McIntyre, Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org>

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