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Re: Missing glyphs


On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 08:34:49AM +0800, LI Daobing (?????????) wrote:
> > [3] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/gtk-frontend/screenshots/2.24-2_vs_2.25-1/common/zh_CN.png
> for zh_CN, you missing following glyph:
> 1. 寸  U+5BF8
> 2. 口  U+53E3
> 3. 工 U+5DE5
> I think this is a bug of character classification, all these character
> can be classified as Japanese character or Chinese character, maybe
> this is the origin of bug.

I've prepared pdf charts for the ttf files included in the ttf-cjk-compact udeb used
by g-i (see [1]) and the glyphs you mentioned are not included.

I'm cc'ing Kenshi so that he can take a look at this.


[1] http://www.alioth.debian.org/~zinosat-guest/ttf-cjk-compact/

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