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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze ended

Frans Pop wrote:
> The last needed updates to the Installation Guide for Beta2 have now been
> committed. Please update your translations before May 18 24:00 UTC.

Many thanks to the translators for Swedish and Simplified Chinese who 
managed to complete their updates before the end of the (extended) 

Unfortunately it does means that I've had to disable the Catalan, Japanese 
and Korean translations for this release as they were not sufficiently 
up-to-date. These translations are of course still available from alioth.

There will still be changes to the manual for Lenny (both due to changes in 
the installer and general improvements), but as the release of Lenny is now 
starting to get closer it would be great if translations who have fallen 
behind could start catching up again.

The string freeze for the manual is now ended.


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