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Re: r53435 - in trunk/installer: build/config build/config/amd64 build/config/amd64/cdrom build/config/amd64/hd-media build/config/i386 build/config/i386/cdrom build/config/i386/hd-media build/config/powerpc/powerpc build/config/powerpc/powerpc64 debian

On Monday 19 May 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> +# All images that include cdebconf should include symbols needed by these 
> +# plugins. 
> +EXTRAUDEBS=cdebconf-newt-entropy cdebconf-text-entropy cdebconf-gtk-entropy

I wonder if it would not be better to use "+=" for this:
+EXTRAUDEBS += cdebconf-gtk-entropy

Wouldn't that be more flexible in case additional UDEBS need to be added
either in common or for other reasons?

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