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Debian-Installer - Boot Fails USB boot, with RAID1, DM-Crypt and LVM for root



I am not sure if this is the right place to ask (if not could someone suggest where)…


On my home server, I am using Debian Installer (lenny amd64) to create:


  • EM64T Asus PK5 SE motherboard, 2 x SATA 500gb drives.
  • USB Boot Partition
  • RAID1 Root
  • DM Crypt Root (LUKS)
  • LVM on top


Every combination works except the one above (i.e. Root RAID or Root DM Crypt)


It looks like the cryptsetup is not being run from the initrd…


The RAID1 comes up alright… Then it can’t find the LVMs (of course) and the rest craps out.


I can send more technical stuff if this is a place where I might get some much appreciated help!


P.S. I love Debian… Thanks to you all.


Thank-you for your attention and assistance.


Kind regards,



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