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Bug#480061: Installation Report: unknown boot option

package: debian installer
version: n/a

uname -a : Linux (none) 2.6.22-3-486 #1 Mon Nov 12 07:53:08 UTC 2007 i686 unknown

using debian-testing-i386-CD-1.iso downloaded on 5th May 2008

I'm trying to install lenny on my PC with motherboard MSI P35 Neo having a Marvell 88se6111 chipset on board.

I did find out that this chipset causes some trouble so using the boot option generic.all_generic_ide=1 should help.

with this information I entered on the boot prompt:
boot: install generic.all_generic_ide=1 (as seen also under help option F6)

installation starts fine. On next screen the following messages is displayed:

Uncompressing Linux ... Ok, booting the kernel.
Unknown boot option 'generic.all_generic_ide=1 ' : ignoring

and it continue display the curses menu: 'language selection' and the next options till 'detect and mount cdrom' .

As result this causes that the cdrom is not detected and the installation hangs.

Previously I did try to install debian etch 4.0r3 with the same parameter, no problems with the boot option metionned above.
But the installation hangs with:
hda: dma_timer_expiry: dma status = 0x24
hda: DMA interrupt recovery
hda: lost interrupt

So I did try to install the latest testing version.

Comments: any work around available?


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