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Bug#466906: [s390] tape installation method broken due to missing modules

> Comments/Problems:
> I will provide the Hercules log file. When I ipl the tape and am asked
> to configure the network. I reply with a 1 and the error that no ctc
> devices are found. This worked ok with the r02 version, but seems broken
> with the r03.

This issue has been fixed in the current kernels in unstable and testing and 
in daily built versions of the installer. I'm not sure whether or not it 
will also be fixed in the next point release for Debian stable.

Dann: Could you take a look at that for 2.6.18?

The issue was fixed by Bastian in linux-2.6 (2.6.24-5) with the following 
changelog entry (see also #468277):
 * [s390/s390-tape]: Override localversion correctly.


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