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Bug#479473: debian-installer: DHCP client fails to assign address during install

reassign 479473 dhcp3-client-udeb 3.1.0-3

General comments:
* please make sure that your normal text has a decent line width even
  when you disable line wrapping because of the log
* when you replace values in a log, please make that explicit; currently
  one could think that the invalid xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC address could
  be the source of your issue, but I'm going to assume you replaced it

On Monday 05 May 2008, Jamie Thompson wrote:
> Earlier, I tried setting up a new test system for some debugging of
> another package. As I run a apt-cache I (as always) downloaded the
> smallest install package I could find, the business card netinst image.
> However, I was unable to obtain an IP address via DHCP. My network uses
> DHCP and works (and this install used it fine once it had completed), so I
> do not believe that to be at fault. However, even after switching to
> manually entering my netowrk details I was unable to download the releases
> fie. I had to restart and enter my settings manually first time before I
> could proceed with the installation, which was otherwise uneventful.

> Here's the log of another attempt (it's 100% reproducable):      
> > May  4 23:22:21 dhclient: dhclient.c(2129): null pointer

I suspect that this is the root of your problem. Therefore reassigning to 
the dhcp3-client package.

Andrew: a more complete log is available in the BR.


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