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Re: [RFR] Errata update for Beta2

On Sunday 04 May 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):
> > Here goes the proposed errata update for Beta2 release. Please take a
> > look and see if you have any suggestion/addition/change for it.

IMO it's maybe a bit early for this. There may be more changes and I'd 
personally rather do one larger review than loads of small ones.

> >  <dl class="gloss">
> > +       <dt>No i386 floppy installation method available</dt>

This should be:
i386: No floppy installation method available

And it should be listed as the first of the architecture-specific issues, 
not at the top of the list.

> > +       <dd>
> > +       The 2.6.24 kernel doesn't fit and we've disabled the floppy
> > images for
> s/does not fit/is too big to fit on a floppy
> > +       beta 2 release. This will be enabled back for Release Candidate
> > 1, that +       will be based at 2.6.25 kernel.
> s/be based at/use the

Better to just say:
"We expect to be able to enable floppy images again for the next release."

Reasons: maybe we'll do a beta3 and maybe the next release will not be based 
on .25; you never know...

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