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Bug#475774: Please include a version.txt in the boot.img.gz image

Op 20-04-2008 om 11:09 schreef Florian Weimer:
> I don't understand the point of your messages.

My point was/is "version is allready in the boot.img.gz".

I did known because in #250321 I did ask

 Can the (build) date be put in the image?

See http://bugs.debian.org/250321 for further information.

> The idea was to have something that can be viewed on a non-Debian
> system which is used to prepare the image.  On a Debian system, I
> can use something like zcat | strings | grep '2\.6\.' to find kernel
> version references anyway.

Now I don't understand the bug submitter.

For a Debian system he has something that works
and for non-Debian systems is now this bugreport filed.


Please elaborate the use case for this wishlist bugreport.

Geert Stappers

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