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Bug#476897: installation-report: apt-cdrom missing from i386 daily images

On Friday 18 April 2008, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Detecting the RAID controller takes 4 minutes an initially reports that
> there is no hard drive (syslog shows the countdown, once it's done,
> redoing the module select allows d-i to find the drives).

Can't really comment on this. If you have any suggestions how to fix this 
without some long general timeout, we'd appreciate it.

> I used LVM on Crypto (but not on software RAID).  I had to backtrack to
> 20080412-2 because 20080416-2 doesn't have the udebs for crypto (and
> reports the appropriate error message when you try to use it).

Known issue. Should be fixed with new images. There have been build issues 
the past few days, but those should be solved tomorrow.

> The base install step failed because apt-cdrom is missing so the
> installation of packages after the cdrom is supposed to scan and package
> lists updated fails.  I was able to get around this by editing
> /usr/lib/base-installer/library.sh apt_update() to copy a working apt
> configuration for a network mirror and then do apt-get update as usual.

I don't see how apt-cdrom can be missing. It is included with the basic apt 
package. Can you please describe the actual symptoms and specific errors?
Note that apt-cdrom is always run in the /target chroot and not in the D-I 
environment itself.


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