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Re: [RFC] Major issue with use of Choices-C

On Wednesday 02 April 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> My proposal would be to modify both cdebconf and debconf so that the last
> C in Choices-C is interpreted as "Codes" and not as "C locale", and thus
> also display the value of the Choices field if debconf/language is set to
> C.

After a private ping, Colin replied as follows:

! I agree with this proposal and suggest going right ahead. For testing
! purposes, it would be nice to have an environment variable that forces
! the codes to be displayed.

This means that I'll convert this mail and my patch to a BR against debconf.
I'll try to include his suggestion for an envvar for debugging.

Maybe Jérémy can take care of making sure that cdebconf ends up behaving the 
same as debconf in this respect.


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