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Bug#475908: please support MBR+GPT hybrid partition tables

reassign 475908 partman-partitioning

On Sunday 13 April 2008, peter green wrote:
> On mutliboot intel based macs the normal partition table type is a
> MBR+GPT hybrid. Currently when used with such a partition table partman
> destroys the MBR parition table causing bootloader installation to fail
> and thus making installing debian on such machines considerablly more
> complex.
> It would be very helpfull to have proper support for this type of
> partition table in partman. It would also be usefull to ask the user of
> an intel based mac with a plain GPT parition table if they would like to
> convert to MBR+GPT hybrid.

Does libparted have support for that kind of partition table?

If not, it would have to be implemented there first.

If it does, it should be fairly straightforward to support it in partman and 
patches from people owning such machines would be most welcome.


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