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Re: how th generate like oficial site from packages (or CD's)

Chris Bell wrote:
On Thu 10 Apr, abelahcene wrote:
I want to create a local repository:

How the create like an "official site" from my packages ?

thanks for help
best regards

   The easiest way is to install and run apt-cacher, then import your local
software cache. If you wish to go further, you can use anonftpsync to sync a
local mirror to an official mirror site, but it will probably pull in much
more than you actually need, and use lots of bandwidth as it checks all
files. You can find anonftpsync on the Debian website, look for information
about mirrors.

Thank you very much,
Apt-mirror  copy a mirror from official site, but it is too long.
The download is not finished, may be I have to wait the end,  At this moment I tryed to check "my mirror" but using netinstall it didn't found appropriate Release??
The stucture is not the same for the moment at least :

`-- ftp.fr.debian.org
    `-- debian
        `-- dists
`-- ftp.fr.debian.org
    `-- debian
        `-- pool

Which one coreesponds to the site ?

Any way , I don't need all packages. So I want to mirror a selected packages, for example create the mirror from just the 3 first CD's.

Thanks a lot

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