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Bug#475482: debian-installer: Canadian locale should default to American English keyboard

reassign 475482 console-data

Quoting Daniel Dickinson (cshore@wightman.ca):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: netinst daily image 20080410-1 (CD iso)
> Severity: normal
> as of the daily netinst cd image of 20080410-1, the English|Canada locale results in the default keymap being Canadian multilingual.  This is incorrect;  almost all "english canadians/anglophones" (the majority of us) will have a U.S. English keyboard not a multilingual keyboard and thus default setting will annoy most canadian users.

This is not the understanding I had by reading the pointers I got when
the ca multilingual keymap was added to console-data. These pointers
seemed to show that national standard bodies in Canada were
recommending the preferred use of the Canadian multilingual keymap,
both for use of English and French-speaking users, the keymap being
indeed as close as possible to the US keymap..

I am personnally not against changing this again but I'd really like
to see some pointers getting far beyond vague assumptions.

What do recommend (or buy) official institutions in the country,
particularly in the English-speaking states?


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