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Installation Problem

I am facing problem in installing CA BrightStor Arc Serve Backup agent on Debian.If I
install the package with command:
root@svn:/Linux# ./install
It's gives the error:
./install: 299: Syntax error: Bad substitution
And If I run the debian package install command
root@svn:/Linux# dpkg -i babcmagt.deb
It gives the error:
(Reading database ... 22468 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace babcmagt 11.5.0 (using babcmagt.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement babcmagt ...
Setting up babcmagt (11.5.0) ...
[: 108: /opt/CA/BABcmagt/nls/-e/Messages: unexpected operator
[: 71: /opt/CA/BABcmagt/nls/-e/Messages: unexpected operator
Kindly help us.

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