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Re: [RFC] Clean up Uploaders fields for D-I and D-I components

On Monday 24 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> The second step will be to contact those people who are still active DDs
> and get their permission for the removals.

This was done and those who replied had no objections. Petter asked to 
remain listed for two packages, so I've done that.

All changes for the cleanup have now been committed.

As a last step I will send a private message to those people who are not or 
no longer DDs to inform them of their removal as Uploader.

Note that in general I did not check for people who are still active in the 
team, especially Joey, Colin, Steve and myself.
If anybody feels he should no longer be listed for a specific component, 
feel free to remove yourself (provided at least one other uploader 


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