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Re: preliminary patch towards XEN virtual disk naming

Quoting Ferenc Wagner (wferi@niif.hu):

> +Template: partman/text/xen_virtual_disk
> +Type: text
> +# eg. XEN virtual disk 1 (xvda)
> +# :sl4:
> +_Description: XEN virtual disk %s (%s)
> +
> +Template: partman/text/xen_virtual_partition
> +Type: text
> +# eg. XEN virtual disk 1, partition #1 (xvda1)
> +# :sl4:
> +_Description: XEN virtual disk %s, partition #%s (%s)

Templates are fine by me. Ference inserted examples as I suggested him
on IRC, and used sublevel 4, which I think is appropriate. You get a
GO for debconf templates. 

I have no advice about the est of the patch.

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