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Re: business card vga=790

Op 05-04-2008 om 09:38 schreef Eric Reinbold:
> hello,
> i installed debian testing on bussiness card in vga=790 (other is the
> same, 771, 791...)
> the installation is ok, but after reboot the vga is normal (640x480).

That reads to me like

| Installing with the bootparameter vga=790 did work.
| But the bootparameter was not included in the bootloaders config file.

IIRC there were previous reports of "lost bootparameters",
AFAIK they are fixed.

The original poster has at least two options.

* manually add the wanted bootparameter
* provide more information about the issue (especially missing info is
which bootloader was chosen)

> it says: try the 8139too driver

That shouldn't be related to the vga parameter.

> thank for all
> auzain

I hope this helps

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