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Re: Unblock of packages in "could be handled by britney"

On Thursday 03 April 2008, Philipp Kern wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 03, 2008 at 03:42:31PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > It started with a request from maks to unblock mklibs which phil acted
> > on without waiting for an OK from a D-I RM.
> klibc, not mklibs.

Yes, sorry.

Let me also note that my intention or IRC was never to say that klibc should 
not migrate to testing, but just that it (or any other package producing 
udebs) should not be hinted without at the very least making sure that the 
D-I RM was aware of it.

There are basically two reasons for blocking udebs by default:
- avoiding breaking the current release of the installer
- avoiding that udebs in testing are out of sync with the source version

Fact of life is that ATM udebs need to be synced manually after a package 
migrates and that the D-I RM is the person who coordinates that, so even if 
a package is safe to migrate, he needs to know about it and the best way to 
achieve that is by having him ack hints explicitly.

I fully agree that the whole procedure is far from optimal and could be 
improved, but that just is how things are currently. I still hope that 
someone will implement my proposal for adding support for udebs in britney 
as that would
- get rid of the manual syncing of udebs and thus ensure that we can no
  longer find ourselves in the situation that a sync was forgotten or done
  too late and that the udebs no longer exist and we have to wait for the
  next upload to be ready for migration;
- allow at least some package to migrate with only regular dependency


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