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Bug#461956: console-setup: issues with <F10>,<F11>,<F12> and dead keys

On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 05:45:44PM +0100, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> Since the upgrade to the last console-setup, my keyboard behaves
> different on the console:
> - The keys <F10>, <F11> and <F12> don't work anymore, at least I cannot
>   change to tty10 with <Alt>+<F10> anymore. The only way to reach ttys
>   higher than tty9 is the use of <Alt>+<Right_Arrow> ...
> - The dead keys on my german keyboard behave like dead keys again, even
>   though I selected "eliminate dead keys".

I can only hope that the problem still exists on your system. :)

If this is the case please try to remove the file
If this fixes the problem then the cause of the bug will be removed in 
the next version of the package (the file boottime.kmap.gz has been left 
unupdated and doesn't correspond to the actual configuration of the 

>   In other words, characters
>   like ^ ' ` ~ are not printed directly after pressing the key anymore,
>   but rather are printed just after the following key is pressed. In case
>   that the following key is a letter with support for the 'dead character'
>   in some font, like ^ and a, the result is  instead of ^a.

This is how the dead keys work if Unicode is used on the console (i.e. 
they don't work).

Anton Zinoviev

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