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Bug#473364: installation-report: some install glitches (grub2, tasksel, serial mouse)

Paul Wise wrote:
> The /etc/grub.d/30_otheros that was generated did not allow me to boot
> Windows. Simply changing (hd0,0) to (hd0,1) fixed this. Looks like grub2
> uses 1-based partition indexes instead of 0-based ones like grub1 did.
AFAIK we're still not installing grub2 by default, are we?

I see that you've already filed #473401 on grub-installer about this.

> Despite choosing the desktop task in the tasksel section and a gnome
> desktop in debian.exe, I didn't get a desktop login manager installed
> and a graphical login started up. Looking at the tasks in aptitude seems
> to show that gdm is only present in the Xfce desktop environment task.

The gnome desktop task contains gnome-desktop-environment, which depends
on gdm. Without gnome-desktop-environment, you shouldn't have gnome at
all. So I don't understand what you're saying.

> Thirdly my mouse is a serial mouse and there didn't seem to be any
> obvious way to use it. The computer has a PS2 mouse port, but I don't
> have a PS2 mouse for this computer. It is on /dev/ttyS1 rather than S0
> due to the positions of cables, usb sockets and stuff.

Detecting serial mice tends to do bad things to serial UPSes and AFAIK
debian has never auto-detected them. You will need to manually configure

see shy jo

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