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Re: pegasos 1

Quoting David MARIE (david.marie686@orange.fr):
> bonjour quel et l'image iso a prendre pour un pegasos 1 si vous avez un lien sa serait mieux mon adresse email et capucinpeg@hotmail.com 

debian-boot is an English-speaking mailing list aimed for development
of the Debian Installer.

"what ISO image should be used to install a Pegasos 1"

Installation images are available from http://cdimage.debian.org

If you want to install development versions of the Debian Installer
(which install testing when used out of the box), please go to
http://www.debian.org/devel. Prefrrably first choose images named

From my poor knowledge of these machines, the "powerpc" images should
be used to install Pegasos machines.

J'espère que la réponse ci-dessus vous convient et est compréhensible.


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