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Re: [RFC] Column alignment in partman

On Monday 31 March 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> > On Sunday 30 March 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> > >  * The deprecated ability to set default values through localised
> > >    strings have also been removed.
> >
> > What exactly is the new preseeding? Has that been tested?
> I should have tested more before writting that.  This situation is
> better than I origanally thought: the proposed debconf select actually
> allows to be preseeded with: localized strings, internal value and
> plugin name (when used with ask_user, and with or without the begining
> numbers).

OK. Sounds good.

> Preseeding with localized strings actually comes for free: Choices is
> not mangled anymore, and cdebconf will return the corresponding
> Choices-C value automatically.

Note that preseeding with localized strings is not actually really what we 
want, but it was necessary up to now. What would be nice is if preseeding 
the _English_ strings would also work, but losing that is not an issue if 
preseeding using plugin names (without numbers!) works correctly.

> > What would [1] need to be changed to after this patch is applied?
> It could stay as is.  But I would change the following:

Looks good, and better than the current warnings about preseeding having to 
be localized.

> I have not tested that last part though, but looking closely at the
> code, I don't see a reason that would prevent this to work.

It should be tested before we commit this. I would consider regressions in 
preseeding of partitioning to be grave bugs.

> The patch logs should speak by themselves, but there is at least two
> debatable points:
>  * The removal of valid_visuals.d to use visual.d directly: the former
>    was meant as a filter for the content of visual.d, but it really
>    complicated the implementation of aligned columns and seemed pretty
>    useless to me.

I have to think about that a bit. Consistency among label types is important 
though, especially as different label types _can_ be combined.

>  * Loosing right-alignment for the partition numbers (#3) and size
>    (100 GB).
> Of course, we could support right-alignment only in the text and newt
> frontend for now, and silently discard the directive when using GTK+…

I think that would be worthwhile as for these interfaces it is a usability 
regression. For gtk it's not really as the alignment in general is 

I'll do some testing with this patch set, but I think it may be best to 
delay implementation of this until immediately after Beta2.


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