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Re: [RFC] Use Choices-C in partman debconf_select

Looks good and thanks very much for working on it, but one suggestion and 
one question.

Copy the existing function debconf_select() to old_debconf_select() and add 
the following near the top of the new debconf_select for backwards 
compatibility and transition:
	if ! db_metaget $template choices-c; then
		old_debconf_select $@	# may need quoting
		return $?

On Sunday 30 March 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
>  * The deprecated ability to set default values through localised
>    strings have also been removed.

What exactly is the new preseeding? Has that been tested?
What would [1] need to be changed to after this patch is applied?

Note that even though it _says_ using localized values is deprecated, that 
is still what we have been using and advertising for most questions where 
it's relevant.

From what I remember when I looked into this myself, I think Choices-C now 
contains technical codes instead of English strings. If I'm correct these 
codes are not really human readable and are sensitive to change (e.g. 
because they contain sorting codes), and thus not suitable for preseeding.


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