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Re: [RFC] entropy plugin rework + support for the graphical installer

Quoting Max Vozeler (xam@debian.org):

> >  * No string changes actually happened, but as the previous
> >    partman-crypto/entropy-text content has been splitted between
> >    debconf/entropy/text/{action,help} and partman-crypto/entropy,
> >    I would be glad to know the best way to update po files directly
> >    instead of putting more burden on translators shoulders.
> bubulle, could you offer advice?

Well, I didn't comment on that point because Jérémy mentioned he just
splitted a template in two parts, but the individual strings didn't

So, if that's true, then nothing is needed on PO files.

As of now (but see my other comment), the only thing I see which might
need a change is the sentence about entering mouse movements where I
suggest using my proposal.

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