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avtobiff presentation


I have become interested in the GSoC[1] project DebianNAS[2].
As proposed by fjp on #debian-boot I now give a short presentation
of myself and some thoughts (not a full application yet) regarding
the DebianNAS GSoC project.

My name is Per Andersson and I currently am taking my MSc[3]
in CS[4] at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
Sweden. The main focus of my studies are algorithms and
programming languages.
   Debian has been my first choice for operating any and every
machine for a long time, mainly because of the large presence of
the freedom philosophy concerning free software in the Debian
project. Also the plethora of supported architectures is a very nice
   For some time I have been around in debian help channels on a
variety of IRC nets, helping people with Debian. I have been looking
at joining the Debian project in a more active way for some time
now, mainly reading policies and learning dpkg packaging. Then
school once again become priority No. 1 and my efforts stalled.
   I have also had the opportunity to work with Debian professionally
as a teacher and educater. I have had several courses where Debian
was the primary focus.

Regard the DebianNAS project it looked interesting to me because
it was very hands-on playing with actual (embedded) hardware. It
seems to be a reasonable project for me with the knowledge and
skills I possess. Another reason why this project stood out is
because I have been thinking for some time to get a couple of NAS
devices and run on- and off-site backup on them.

To summarize: I see this GSoC project as a gateway for me to get
further involved in the Debian project and ultimately becoming an
official DD[5]!

You can look further into my history, skills, profile and interests in
my resume[6]. If you have any other questions please send me an
e-mail or contact me on IRC, where I use the handle avtobiff.

Yours truly,
Per Andersson
Wanna-be DD

[1] Google Summer of Code
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2008/DebianNAS
[3] Master of Science
[4] Computer Science
[5] Debian Developer
[6] http://oshw.org/usr/avtobiff/cv/cv-english.pdf

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